Boats Addon

Last update: 19 APR, 2021

Boats Addon

Boats Addon

Have you ever noticed that Minecraft boats are very simple? With this Add-on, you will have more realistic and beautiful boats to use on your map and you will also have a chest to carry your items on your adventures!

This add-on replaces all models of boats with much more beautiful and elegant models. All boats are equipped with a chest where you can store your items while traveling on the open sea. The chest has 27 slots so there is plenty of space for you on your travels.

- 4 Flag Packs
- Functional chest


If you are experiencing problems with any type of installation or even with gameplay, please contact us

Pack 1 (COLORS)

Pack 3 (LOGOS)

Pack 2 (MOBS)

Pack 4 (PIRATE)