Dig's Simple Pack

Last update: 11 DEC, 2020

Digs Simple Pack

Dig's Simple Pack

Made by an experienced pixel artist, Digs’ Simple Pack is a simplistic twist on the default minecraft textures, filling the world with pretty patterns while maintaining the default minecraft feel.

It features brand new sprites for every item, block, mob, armor, particle, and GUI, which remove the annoying visual noise from the default sprites, replacing it with more simple designs.

Additionally, Digs’ Simple Pack has 8×8 textures, which can help boost FPS, making it a great choice for PvP and low end PCs.

This texture pack was created by Digs, all credits must be given to him, he is a very talented pixel artist who created this resource pack from Minecraft Java Edition. We have all permission to make this Conversion to Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Original JAVA pack:

- Windows 10
- Pocket Edition
- Console


If you are experiencing problems with any type of installation or even with gameplay, please contact us