Woodpecker 1.18

Last update: 21 DEC, 2021

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Woodpecker 1.18

Woodpecker Resource Pack 1.18 for Minecraft offers you a simple, catchy and very relaxing. It has the medieval atmosphere to it while still managed to show it’s uniqueness. There’s one feature that makes Woodpecker absolutely stunning is that it leads to a block to have anywhere from 4 to 10 different colors on it.

Woodpecker was created by Zob to give the game an extra feel of being cartoonish and cute. It adds in some very great looking blocks for structures and better-looking animals and critters. It overhauls the architecture of the structures as it replaces a lot of blocks and vegetation making it look more smooth.

- Windows 10
- Pocket Edition
- Console

If you are experiencing problems with any type of installation or even with gameplay, please contact us